The wait for the PlayStation 5 to eventually launch in Singapore on November 19th is undoubtedly excruciating. If you're a real Singaporean, however, you might be feeling a little kiasu and want to pre-order it now, even if supplies are restricted, because why not? If you fall into that group and are feeling particularly confident (and despise having to leave the comfort of your own house and queue for hours on end), here's where you can pre-order the PS5 in Singapore online. The PlayStation 5 retails for S$729 in its normal form, while the Digital Edition costs S$599. Aside from the two console variants, the following are the different accessories available at launch: (S$99.90) DualSense Wireless Controller PULSE 3D wireless headphone (S$149) — supports 3D audio and has dual noise-cancelling microphones. HD Camera (S$89.90) - with two 1080p lenses, players may broadcast themselves and their amazing gaming moments. The Media Remote (S$44.90) allows you to easily access movies and streaming services. DualSense Charging Station (S$44.90) allows you to charge two DualSense Wireless Controllers at the same time.
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